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ms yoga
Jernbanegade 11
6400 Sønderborg

+45 2556 8818

Meditations with Mila

Dato og tidspunkt: 21. og 28. april kl. 11.00-12.00

Meditations with Mila

Join Mila for these two meditation classes at ms yoga.
The meditations are aimed at knowing and realizing yourself. At giving you mental and physical relaxation; awareness – and to help you living life in every moment.
The meditation on April 21
Meditation of silence
This meditation is a deep meditation of awareness of the given moment, awareness of yourself and finding peace of mind.
The meditation on April 28
Meditation of release of control
This is a meditation helping you into deep physical and mental relaxation; and to letting go of anxiety and tension.
You can join 1 meditation class or both classes.
Price: 100 DKK for 1 class and 175 DKK for two classes.
Mila invites you to join her for tea and chat in the kitchen at msy after the meditation, if you’ve got the time.
Send an email to and tell us which classes you want to join. We will add you to list of participants when we’ve received your payment at MobilePay 98953 or via bank transfer to 3531 3531342666.
We look forward to seeing you at ms yoga – Jernbanegade 11A in Sønderborg.
Your teacher:
My name is Mila and I am 44 years old. I’m married and have 2 children.
I’m a professional dancer and dance teacher, dance therapist, playback theater actress, artist, art teacher and art therapist.
I learned different religions and teachings, different practices and meditations.
At the moment I am leading a dance therapy group, conducting various meditations and preparing to open a social artistic therapy group in Sønderborg